Lais Christensen is an illustrator situated in Copenhagen, Denmark.


In 2005 she graduated from Escola Joso in Barcelona, Art Grafic. After 4 years of study and work in Barcelona, she moved back to Denmark. Since then she has worked with illustration, animation, grafic design, and more. She has had several exhibitions with her work, both in Barcelona and in Copenhagen. In 2011 she won Svendgrams Mindelegat to work with grafic novels.

At the moment Lais finds her inspiration in botanic universes and is working on several projekts within this area. One example is Blomster og Sommerfugle, published in 2018. Aside from that, ink, pen and paper is Lais' preferable playmates.

When not working on her own projects, Lais is teaching art- and computerclasses at the Waldorf School in Copenhagen.

If anything, please do not hesitate to write Lais at: or call her at: 0045 2396 8422

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